First ever 20 line tap takeover! We have a number of very limited, hard to get beers on tap Friday. The Anniversary XXI (2017) is now Anniversary XX (2016), an extremely rare beer!! Don’t miss it.

8oz pours on all 5oz beers the day of the event

The Beers:

  1. Union Jack
  2. Easy Jack
  3. Luponic Distortion No. 10 (new release)
  4. Pivo Pils
  5. Lager
  6. C-Hops (new release)
  7. Nitro Merlin
  8. Unfiltered DBA (new release)
  9. Bretta Rose (extremely limited)
  10. Bretta Weiss (extremely limited)
  11. Sour Opal (extremely limited)
  12. Agrestic (extremely limited)
  13. Under Currants (extremely limited)
  14. Sucaba (extremely limited)
  15. Parabola (extremely limited)
  16. Stickee Monkee (extremely limited)
  17. Helldorado (2017) (extremely limited and vintage)
  18. Velvit Merkin (2017) (extremely limited and vintage)
  19. XX Anniversary (2016) (extremely limited and vintage)
  20. Parabajava (2015) (extremely limited and vintage)