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Enter our monthly contest to win a gift card from The Evergreen simply by forwarding your ridesharing e-mail receipts to and from The Evergreen!

We’re thrilled Syracuse finally has a safe, convenient and cheap way to go out downtown with Uber and Lyft.  And we want to encourage our friends and customers to take advantage of ride sharing so we created a new monthly contest:

When you take an Uber or Lyft to/from our address*, simply forward your receipt to our special e-mail address – ride@theevergreen.co – and you’ll be entered into our monthly contest to win a $25 gift card! It’s that easy, and the more you ride, the better your odds of winning (for example, a receipt to and a receipt from The Evergreen gets you 2 entries!).  At the end of every month we’ll enter all the receipts into our special program and the random number generator picks a winner. We’ll e-mail winners and announce it on social media.

You get a safe, convenient ride to/from The Evergreen and downtown, so you can have a fun night out AND YOU GET A CHANCE AT A PRIZE!  WIN-WIN! Get started tonight…

That e-mail to remember is ride@theevergreen.co (no ‘m’)


*Sometimes the address where they pick you up or drop you off isn’t exactly our address, but we’ll count those very close so don’t worry if it’s not 125 E. Water St.  Must be 21 or over to enter and win.

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